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I never hold tightly to something until there is a chance it can be taken away

I’m No longer single. THIS IS A MILESTONE. WHERE’S MY PLAQUE!?!?!?!?!

Yesterday was my birthday.

So apparently I went on a date on Sunday?

Cant believe he’s still talking to me. Thank god i haven’t brought up my cats in conversation yet

How to deal with boys: simply just have 30 cats, they can fill the void

Sooooo my crush recently let me know he liked me. IS THIS SOME KIND OF PRANK

There is so much hurt in this world. I feel like im supposed to do something about it.

"Forever and Always" by Parachute is so beautiful but it makes me ache. Loosing the one that is your other half, the one that God had made just for you, that would be absolute agony. Still, its such a good song but the last lines of it leave me with an empty ache.

Liam Imagine

You and your boyfriend of 2 years Liam were arguing again.

You stomped off down the hall to the bedroom you shared in the small flat, and slammed the, door and locked it.

You sunk down and put your head in your hands and just sat there in front of the door.

What is with him lately? Does he want to break up? Is he tired of me?” You thought to yourself as you continued to cry.

You felt something sniff your foot and you looked up.

It was Loki, Liam and yours’ dog. You had forgotten he was in the bedroom trying to sleep.

He whimpered.

“I know Loki, I hate the yelling too.” You said to him as you scooped him up in your arms.

You had been cuddling with him for a few minutes, when you heard a soft knock at the bedroom door.

“Babe I’m really sorry.” You heard Liam say.

It sounded like he had been crying.

You lifted your head up from Loki’s soft fur.

You didn’t have the energy to reply right now. Fighting with the one you love really takes it out of you.

“I love you so much and I’m really stressed right now, and I know that is no excuse..” He added after not hearing you reply.

You started to tear up again.

You got up, put Loki on the bed, unlocked the door and stood there in front of the door, waiting for him to open it.

Liam slowly pushed the door open, and stood there in front of you.

His eyes were watery and red.

You broke into tears and walked the one step in between him and you.

He wrapped you in his arms and kissed the top of your head.

“I love you so much (Y/N).” He said, his sweet words muffled by your hair.

“I love you so much more.” You said, still crying, but now the tears were happy tears. You were so glad he still loved you. Even tho you had been fighting a lot lately.

He pulled back and kissed you softly.

When i look back on how far i have come, i realize that it wasnt friends that got me through it, it was family
And god. Im so glad i didnt let it ruin me